Mask Community Face Masks are hand-made in Britain. 


They are reusable

They are washable

They are comfortable

They are reversible

They are virus resistant


All our face masks feature Panaz Sheild Plus ™ Anti-Microbial technology which has a certification of effectiveness against the Coronavirus strain.


Our non surgical face masks are made for the general public, our aim is to alleviate the pressure on the NHS by saving medical grade PPE for those who really need it. Our masks provide all the protection we require in day-to-day life. They are designed to be worn many times, the masks are washable, reversible, comfortable and the virus resistant treatment lasts for the lifetime of the fabric.


Our masks come in 3 sizes. It is the elasticated strap that defines the size, so each mask has the same protective area size.


All proceeds go towards funding our Social Enterprise which works with the community running innovative projects.

Pink Cheetah Face Mask with Black Trim

  • After extensive testing by an independent laboratory, we are pleased to inform our customers that Panaz Shield Plus™ Anti-Microbial Technology is effective against the Coronavirus.

    Panaz Shield Plus™ Anti-Microbial protection literally attracts microbes (viruses, fungi and bacteria) and physically destroys them immediately on impact.  It has the broadest spectrum of effectiveness against bacteria, including Coronavirus.